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At Home with Sarah


Every morning horse excersing starts at 8/8:30am, unless its a day off in the field, as we believe that horses and ponies should have chill time in the field at pasture. We also provide loose jumping to freshen up the dressage horses, hacking on the farm land, dressage training sessions, lunging and even longreining.  The young 3/4 year olds get less work, as there still growing animals. 


We have a Trainer / Examiner and also List BD Judge, who comes in once a week for training with the young horses, which is very important to keep on top of all the training. Now are also able to offer a small clinic of 3/4 horses on this day, so feel free to get in touch. Dressage Test Riding is also available.


Horses all have one to one every day attention, grooming, trimming up if needed, horses with nervous issues always turn corners when they have a one to one partner.


If you want to book lessons with our trainer or view any of the horses  we have for sale, please feel free to contact us on 07966 015635







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