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The History Behind Us

Horses Horses and more Horses, well its in the blood! My mother Hilary Bosomworth was the one who had the competition influence on myself and my sister Julia, Hilary competed in the show ring riding at Royal International, and all major county shows, on her show hack Centurion Matador, he was a fabulous horse, which thanks to him, we would proberbly be not here right now in the equestrian sports. 

Hilary Bosomworth riding Centurion Matador

I started riding at 3 years old on a fabulous pony called Fred, he also taught my younger sister to ride too, we did local shows with him, and the bug for showing really kicked in so then we bought a few more showponies, and really started to do well. Within 2 years we were riding ponies for Flyde Saddlery and other show producers, Peter Wilkinson came across a top pony which was found in the riding school, this pony was a star! Flyde Majestic Prince, he won nearly every show on the circit. So, we continued through showing till, I was 25 years old, we did very well, and even on the way bred a few top show ponies too.  Wescoe Regal Charm, Royal International Winner, Hoys top two. Bred by us


Flyde Majestic Prince and Sarah Bosomworth

Wescoe Regal Charm



Sister Julia Bosomworth

Sarah Bosomworth riding her showpony


So how did dressage start, well we always did do a few little tests with the ponies, but when I left school I worked for Dressage Rider Damian Hallam, and went on to be head girl, running the yard, sales, breaking etc, gaining lots of experience. Every night I was thinking I love this sport, started out looking into a few options, I took an ex show horse Spyanfly Storm trooper, to win the regionals, and at my first regionals too. Then I rode a huge 17.2 gelding by Don Primero, and took him through to the British Dressage winter championships. 

Spyanfly Storm Trooper

Above Di Angelo by Don Primero ridden by Sarah Bosomworth

The Story now, we have a selection of Competition Horses and homebred horses which we have up and running, D'artagnan, 5 year old, KWPN by Speilberg he will be competing again this year at The National Dressage Championships, We have QD Esquire, loves his freestyle Qualified for regionals, you can find these on our Competion page.


We do compete Ex race horses for customers recently  The Banana Man, won his first BD, and was focused in horse and hound. Not to forget that most horses can do dressage, Billy Bob the hairy cob also was well placed in his dressage.

The Banana Man owned by Claire Hunter

Billy Bob the hairy cob

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