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Sponsors and Support












We have had some great Support from Senots, Senots have supplied Rocky Clover with a wonderful Bridle to compete in.


Senots have lots of fabulous Bridles, Browbands, Over Reach boots, and Headcollars. Please visit there website below we have a collection of what they have to offer.



Our  New  Sponsors for 2014

We are so proud to have a fabulous sponsor for 2014, BRITISH HORSE FEEDS they will be sponsoring D'artagnan our 6 year old.

At QD horses we feed both Speedibeet and Fibrebeet, its great for condition, you can use it with warm water, which is great for the winter months. Its easily digested, and most of all the horses love eating it. Am very happy to talk to anyone about the feed. My horses look and feel amazing. We would like to thank British horse feeds for this fabulous opportunity.

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